Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Cruise- Travel with luxury and leisure


Hello friends, today we are going to share our views about travelling in a cruise ship. When this word “CRUISE” strikes our mind the first thing that we imagine is luxury, leisure, fun and lots of enjoyment.
A CRUISE SHIP is actually a small city floating on water. Many of you must be planning to go to a luxury cruise for your upcoming holidays. Today we are going to discuss everything about cruise including bookings, budget, facilities, entertainment and activities you can do at the cruise.
There are a number of cruiselines for which bookings can be done depending on your budget, choices and port of embarking. If you are looking for an Asian cruise, the major cruises that you can opt for are Royal Caribbean, Dream Cruises, Costa Cruises, etc. Ships of Royal Caribbean are said to be the best out of the fleet, however prices may be slightly on the higher side as compared to Dream cruises.
Bookings could be done online by many websites available, or you can directly go to the websites of Cruiselines, where you could also get attractive discounts while bookings. Its better to book early so as to avail the early bird offers available on websites. If you go in the summers mostly in the month of March and April you can get excellent offers, since it is an off- season for them.
There are options of cabin like inside cabin, oceanview cabin and balcony cabin which depends upon your budget. We would definitely suggest you to shed some more pennies from your pocket and opt for a balcony cabin, the experience of cruise will be at next level if you opt for a balcony cabin. The sight of ocean in the night and the morning sunrise view from your room will be a lifetime experience.
The key of smart and budget travel is book early, pay less and enjoy more.

Budget of travel by a cruise ship depends upon many factors like the cruiseline you have opted, days of cruising, cabin of your choice and port of embarking.
While making the decision of travel by the cruise, first choice that you have to make is to which cruise to opt for. If you could spend a bit more for cruise than we would surely recommend the Royal Caribbean fleet, but if you want a decent cruise experience in a relatively affordable price than Dream cruise is the best option
Second decision to be taken is the number of days to cruise, more the number of days, more will be your expense. In our view, one should opt for a 3 nights and 4 days cruise, which we will be sufficient enough to explore the ship and enjoy all the facilities at the fullest, this will also be cost effective for you. Besides, if you want to travel in less time and less money than 1 night or 2 night cruises are also available. However, if you are travelling with a good cruise budget than you can opt for 5-7 nights cruise and visit different places along with cruising.

Facilities, entertainment and activities:
We bet you will go mad, when you look around what all facilities, entertainment and activities the cruise ship offers. It will be really a dream come true for many, as it was for us also. The cruise don’t gives you a single chance to complain or to get bored. You would be awestruck to see the never ending bucket of activities that the cruise offers.
Those who like to have fun in water or want to enjoy adventure activities, there is a buffet of activities you could indulge in. You could enjoy and relax in swimming pool or can go for water slides, which is a great fun for kids as well as adults. Adventure junkies can go for zip-lining activity or rock climbing, which is also a fun activity. Those who are interested in sports can also play golf or table tennis, for which exclusive areas are available.
There is a wide range of indoor activities also available which includes chess, bowling, gaming zone, etc. Those who want to party hard, Zouk night club is the best option. You can even learn dancing or practice yoga near the main pool. One can also enjoy the World class entertainment shows at the Zodiac theatre, but don’t miss to book in advance.
If you are a foodie, than you will be in seventh heaven to see what variety the cruise offers you. Food at dream cruises is really like a dream. 

You can enjoy cuisines from every part of the World. Lido is the best complimentary restaurant offering a huge variety of cuisines all over the World, you can even find quite a number of vegetarian options and even there is a counter for Jain vegetarian if you avoid onion and garlic in your meal. Thus, cruise takes care of everyone’s taste buds. Apart from Lido and other complimentary restaurants, there are many other restaurants and food joints offering variety of food items 24*7.
Thus, in our view if you want to enjoy every aspect of luxury, every aspect of adventure and thrills and every aspect of fun in life than surely try cruising in your life. You will get an experience of a lifetime which you will never forget.


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