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Auli - The Heaven on earth

Weekend Escape in Summers- Auli

Hello Friends, in these summers if you are planning for a short holiday or a weekend escape, and are a bit confused about your perfect destination, than we may help you a bit to make your choice. 
In our view, the choice of your place should be done while considering certain factors like your journey period, your travel budget and whether you like crowd or peace.
In summers if you are looking for a short weekend escape especially from Delhi-NCR region or Uttar Pradesh or Uttarakhand, and you have a limited budget and love to be in peace and in lap of nature, than in our view AULI is the perfect place to be.

Auli- This small and beautiful hill station is located in the laps of mighty Himalayas, giving a picture perfect view of many Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Trishul parbat, Mana Parbat, Dunagiri & Karnet peaks of Himalayas. On a day when there is a clear sky the view of Himalayan peaks from Auli is unbeatable.
Auli is not only beautiful, but also peaceful and still untouched holiday destination, which makes it a perfect destination for honeymoon couples as well. Besides the many reasons to visit Auli, one unique reason is the cable car ride from Joshimath to Auli, yes there is a cable car ride connecting Auli and Joshimath, which is so picturesque, that could not be described in words. So, don’t miss the cable car ride to Auli, the 25 min ride which is said to be the longest cable car ride in India.

How to reach AULI:

By Air: The nearest airport is Dehradun airport, from where you can take a bus or taxi to Auli.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Haridwar, from where you can continue your onward journey to Auli by bus or taxis

By Road: In our view take a road trip from Delhi- NCR, and reach Joshimath, via Haridwar & Dehradun. You will love the being in the lap of nature. There are two routes to follow while coming by road:
1.      On one route is via Rishikesh and Rudraprayag, which is very beautiful and important from the aspect of pilgrimage. That is why most of the people prefer to go by this route. Due to this reason, this route is mostly crowded, witnessing frequent traffic jams.
   The other route is via places like Landsdowne, Shrinagar and Pauri. This hilly road has beautiful scenic views, with small hill stations on-route, which you can also visit. This route is quite un-explored, less crowded and beautiful.
We went there by second route to avoid long traffic jams and came back by taking the first route mentioned above, so as to experience them both. In our view, if you have less time and want to reach Auli at the earliest to enjoy more, than you should definitely take the second route.
Most of the taxi or bus drivers prefer the first route, since its short in terms of kilometres travelled, but if you are taking your own vehicle than you should definitely opt for the second route, which is shorter in terms of hours travelled.
After reaching Joshimath you can either drive till the place, or take a cable car ride or a chair car ride. We would definitely suggest you to go for a cable car ride which is more scenic and drops you at a decent height at Auli. For some more adventure you can opt a chair car ride, but the chair car station is at a lower height than the cable car.
Places and activities at Auli
Auli is a very beautiful place and you can experience the most amazing and scenic views. 

Nature is at its best there.
The most amazing experience is to watch the great peaks of Himalayas, the view is so clear and mesmerizing from here, that it is beyond imagination.
You can enjoy near the beautiful artificial lake, which gets completely freezed during the winters and in summers it adds to the beauty of the place.
You can walk for hours and hours feeling the cool breeze from Himalayas and the immensely peaceful vibe of the place. Again we would quote that the view is breath-taking.
In the winters, the beauty of Auli goes to next level when we could witness the Skiing tournament when the whole mountain is covered with snow. The place seems like mountain covered with white jewels.
Besides, Auli is also the base for many hiking trails, here sky is the limit explore as much as you can. You can also indulge in activities like horse riding and roaming in an ATV machine. Yes, the place offers it all.
The most important thing  is the fresh vibe and peace that rejuvenates you to the fullest.
Thus, in our view, in summers AULI is the best place to get refreshed and an amazing weekend escape.

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