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Firstly, we want to say that we are super-excited to share our experience about the Day 3 itinerary of Singapore, coz this was one of the most fun part of our trip. We enjoyed, we laughed, we were mesmerized, we felt the adventure thrills, all at one place, which is Sentosa Island.
This is actually a fun island, which has lots and lots of activities to offer, there is something for everyone and for every age group.  There are more than 25 fun and adventure activities at Sentosa which are divided at several sections, which can be easily commuted through the free bus service and monorail within the island.
Various sections at Sentosa Island:
The Sentosa island is divided in various areas and every area has its unique set of activities. Various such sections are as follows:
·         Beach Station
·         Siloso Beach & Siloso Point
·         Palwan Beach & Kidz city
·         Resorts World Sentosa
·         Merlion Plaza
·         Imbiah Lookout
Out of the various attractions that Sentosa offers we have divided the major attractions in accordance with the various interests of people:
  • Adventure lovers- Skyline and luge, I-fly Singapore, AJ Hackett Sentosa, Megabounce- Mega adventure park, Sentosa 4D-Adventureland.
  • Kids Favourites- Universal Studios, Kidzzania.
  • Nature & Animal lovers- Butterfly park & Insect kingdom, Dolphin Island & S.E.A. Aquarium.
  • Beach & Water activity Lovers- Siloso & Palwan Beach, Ola beach club, Adventure cove waterpark.
  • Museum Lovers- Madam Tussauds Museum, Images of Singapore, The Maritime Experiential Museum, Trick Eye Museum
These were the major attractions and activities out of the huge bucket of activities Sentosa Island offers. However since most of the tourists and visitors have time boundation and all these major activities to be covered in one single day is next to impossible.
So, understanding that, we have further described our personal favorites out of each of these groups so as to make your choice of activities somewhat easier. So, here are our personal favorites from each group, which we are going to describe in detail:

·   SKYLINE & LUGE- This was actually our most favorite activity at Sentosa, we would highly recommend you to go for this activity. This could be a nice adventure and fun activity for people of any age group. In simple terms it is a go-cart sort of activity where you have to drive a go-cart shaped structure without wheels down-the-hill. It has various trails to go for, out of which one of the important trails is the jungle trail, which should not be missed. This amazing gravity-thrill ride will give you a unique experience which you have not experienced elsewhere.
·    UNIVERSAL STUDIOS- The most famous attraction is Universal Studios. It is definitely a kids dreamland and wonderland. Even the adults would be transported to their childhood in a time- machine. All our words will fall short to describe this stunning wonderland. However, we will discuss everything about Universal Studios in our next blog which will be our day 4 of our Singapore Itinerary.
    S.E.A. AQUARIUM- We were awestruck and astonished and amazed and surprised and mesmerized to see the beautiful World of fishes and other marine animals all at one place. It is actually home to more than 100,000 marine animals of 1000 species which comprise of sharks, sting rays, star fishes, Goliath groupers and other magnificent marine animals.  You would be in some other World when you see this amazing water creature’s paradise. The huge fish tank which is actually the World’s largest oceanic habitat consisting of more than forty thousand fishes and sea creatures, is wonderful to watch for hours and hours in a theatre like place. This would be really a very informative and wonderful experience for you to be in proximity to these marine creatures.
SILOSO BEACH- This is a very beautiful beach with white sand and crystal clear water, any beach lover will have a great time at this place. You can also visit Fort Siloso where you will find collection of World War-II memorabilia, so those who are interested in history can also check-out the place.
·    MADAM TUSSAUDS MUSEUM- If you want to have your “Kodak moment” with your favourite celebrity, than this is definitely the place to be. You could pose with your favourite leader or sports person or actor or any celebrity. You can take a selfie at the selfie zone, you could even try to dance with the virtual dancers in the background. You will be top of the World to hold the iconic IIFA trophy at the IIFA Awards Zone. Who could miss to be at the magazine cover page with Mr. Shahrukh khan (heartthrob of millions). If you want all these experiences, this is the perfect place to be.
    Apart from all these major attractions a show that could not be missed, when at Sentosa Island is the “WINGS OF TIME” show. This is a multi-sensory presentation of water displays, laser and fire effects, complemented by riveting music. It is an award-winning night show that is set near the open sea. So, this is definitely a must watch at Sentosa Island.

Next post will be very exciting as we are going to share our experience at the Universal Studios, so please read our next post of Day 4, which will be a great fun for us to write and for you to read. Please give your feedbacks..  

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