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Day 4 of Singapore is dedicated to every child’s dreamland and wonderland. Along with kids, all the adults enjoy a lot there, everyone return back to their childhood. In this incredible theme park everyone is a kid.

There are different sections in this huge theme park, which are as follows:
  1. ·        Far Far Away
  2. ·        Madagascar
  3. ·        Hollywood
  4. ·        The lost World
  5. ·        Ancient Egypt
  6. ·        Sci- Fi City
  7. ·        New York
There are more than 25 rides and shows in different sections of this dreamland.
For a word of advice, here we would like to say that you should go there on weekdays rather than on weekend and holidays. On weekends, the park would be crowded and you would not be able to enjoy all the rides and each ride will have long ques and wait time.
Even if, you want to visit on weekends only than you should purchase and express pass to escape long ques and enjoy all the rides.
If you have less time and want to visit the main rides and attractions, we have summarised some of the main, unique and thrilling rides of Universal studios, that should not be missed are as follows:
  • ·        Rapids Adventure Ride- Jurassic Park
  • ·        Waterworld show
  • ·        Revenge of the mummy- Ancient Egypt
  • ·        Transformers- The ultimate 3D battle
  • ·         Battlestar Galactica- Human Vs Cylon

The rides and attractions mentioned above are few of those which definitely should not be missed if you are paying a short visit to the amusement park.
One simple but very useful tip for all the readers: There is a very nice concept of SINGLE RIDER at Universal Studios. It means that if you want to skip the long queues and enjoy more rides, you can go as single rider instead of going with your group. The single rider is actually very useful concept, where the single rider fills the empty seats which are unoccupied when the people ride with their family or group.
 Besides there are many fun shows and street performances to make your trip to Universals the most memorable experience of your life.

 You will get a beautiful experience, there is also a hollywood city, where you will feel like a celebrity and the performers performing various quality acts, dances. Everywhere there is a laughter, joy that will make you forget about the actual world. so Guys just visit once and feel the wonder.. 

For Day-5 itinerary, please visit the below link:-

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