Saturday, 23 March 2019


After experiencing the man-made marvel- Marina Bay Sands on first day of Singapore  trip (Singapore Detailed itinerary day 1- ), Day 2 should start with soaking yourself in the natural beauty of the beautiful Singapore.
So, lets get started with Gardens by the bay, this is hands down the most beautiful and marvelous garden we have ever seen in our life.

Its not just a garden, its an experience, its a meeting with nature, its a promise that we will protect our eco-system. All my words and adjectives will be miniature for this marvellous garden.

The garden has two major areas, the cloud forest and the flower dome. Once you enter the cloud forest you would be really surprised as well as mesmerized to see the World’s tallest indoor waterfall, flowers and tropical vegetation.

Along with that you get the fabulous experience to enjoy the skywalk and reach upright till the origin of waterfall, experience various plants and flowers by the sides, it is like an educational theatre with a proper description with botanic names of the plants you see there. Don’t miss to see the insectivorous pitcher plant and its lovely model at the top, which you might have read in your science books when you were a kid. You will definitely feel like you have returned back to your childhood in a time-machine. You will definitely enjoy looking after each and every corner of the cloud forest and when you reach the top you will get a marvellous view of outside the dome as well.

The flower dome is a huge bucket of beautiful flowers from almost all over the World. From the Asian range, to flowers from African continent, to the beautiful bucket from Australia and America, passing by the Mediterranean belt, you will find them all. You would be truly mesmerized to see the beauty that nature has imbibed in itself.
After the superb experience that you will get at the Gardens By the Bay, its time to indulge in the amazingly superb sound and light show, which takes place twice in the evening at the super tree groove. Whenever you will see pictures of Singapore, you will definitely see a pic of the iconic tree groove at the Gardens by the bay. 
You would be awestruck while watching the amazingly wonderful show, it is just so relaxing experience and a treat to your eyes.
We genuinely suggest you to spend a whole day at gardens by the bay, it is not only the most popular attraction in Singapore, but also an amazing and enriching experience, meeting with the nature. If you still have some time and energy before relaxing at your hotel, than you can go for shopping at Mustafa centre, which is open 24*7, for all the shopping lovers, who can do shopping day and night.

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