Thursday, 21 March 2019


Today we are going to discuss about a day wise itinerary, which would be best suited to anyone planning a 5 day trip to the gorgeous Singapore.
Day 1:
The first day at anyplace should start by knowing the place, soaking in the vibes of the city and getting an overview of the place. 
So, in our view one should start from city centre always and have a bird’s eye view of the place.
What’s more exciting than having an amazing view of the city from 57th floor of the massive Marina Bay Sands hotel? The infinity pool is also worth a watch, if you are not a Marina Bay guest.
The view from the top is so amazing that one can sit there for hours and hours and enjoy the scenic view near the river side. On one side you can see an array of all the top-notch banks near the river bank along with the Singapore flyer right in front and on the other side you can see the beautiful gardens by the bay and the iconic super-tree groove. You can also have a quick bite to eat or have a drink with the gorgeous view at the restaurant located right at the top.

After spending a great time there and feeling at the top of the World, its the time to go for a high-end shopping experience at the mall located in the complex of Marina Bay Sands. If that’s not enough than enjoy a soothing gondola boat ride at the artificial canal created inside the mall itself. You will be experiencing a small Venice in Singapore.
After having an extra-ordinary experience at the Marina complex, its time to be mesmerized with the glittering view near the river side, which is just outside the mall. In the evening when every building, every corner gets lit-up, Singapore’s beauty goes to the next level.  Its also the time to experience the amazing sound and light show, which is a 15 minutes show and takes place thrice a day during weekdays and twice at weekends.
You will thus, end your first day with lots and lots of beautiful, scenic and glittering moments and experiences, that you will remember for a lifetime.
This was the day1 plan, for complete day-wise itinerary of Singapore, keep reading our forthcoming blogs.

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