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Day 4 of Singapore is dedicated to every child’s dreamland and wonderland. Along with kids, all the adults enjoy a lot there, everyone return back to their childhood. In this incredible theme park everyone is a kid.

There are different sections in this huge theme park, which are as follows:
  1. ·        Far Far Away
  2. ·        Madagascar
  3. ·        Hollywood
  4. ·        The lost World
  5. ·        Ancient Egypt
  6. ·        Sci- Fi City
  7. ·        New York
There are more than 25 rides and shows in different sections of this dreamland.
For a word of advice, here we would like to say that you should go there on weekdays rather than on weekend and holidays. On weekends, the park would be crowded and you would not be able to enjoy all the rides and each ride will have long ques and wait time.
Even if, you want to visit on weekends only than you should purchase and express pass to escape long ques and enjoy all the rides.
If you have less time and want to visit the main rides and attractions, we have summarised some of the main, unique and thrilling rides of Universal studios, that should not be missed are as follows:
  • ·        Rapids Adventure Ride- Jurassic Park
  • ·        Waterworld show
  • ·        Revenge of the mummy- Ancient Egypt
  • ·        Transformers- The ultimate 3D battle
  • ·         Battlestar Galactica- Human Vs Cylon

The rides and attractions mentioned above are few of those which definitely should not be missed if you are paying a short visit to the amusement park.
One simple but very useful tip for all the readers: There is a very nice concept of SINGLE RIDER at Universal Studios. It means that if you want to skip the long queues and enjoy more rides, you can go as single rider instead of going with your group. The single rider is actually very useful concept, where the single rider fills the empty seats which are unoccupied when the people ride with their family or group.
 Besides there are many fun shows and street performances to make your trip to Universals the most memorable experience of your life.

 You will get a beautiful experience, there is also a hollywood city, where you will feel like a celebrity and the performers performing various quality acts, dances. Everywhere there is a laughter, joy that will make you forget about the actual world. so Guys just visit once and feel the wonder.. 

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Saturday, 23 March 2019


Firstly, we want to say that we are super-excited to share our experience about the Day 3 itinerary of Singapore, coz this was one of the most fun part of our trip. We enjoyed, we laughed, we were mesmerized, we felt the adventure thrills, all at one place, which is Sentosa Island.
This is actually a fun island, which has lots and lots of activities to offer, there is something for everyone and for every age group.  There are more than 25 fun and adventure activities at Sentosa which are divided at several sections, which can be easily commuted through the free bus service and monorail within the island.
Various sections at Sentosa Island:
The Sentosa island is divided in various areas and every area has its unique set of activities. Various such sections are as follows:
·         Beach Station
·         Siloso Beach & Siloso Point
·         Palwan Beach & Kidz city
·         Resorts World Sentosa
·         Merlion Plaza
·         Imbiah Lookout
Out of the various attractions that Sentosa offers we have divided the major attractions in accordance with the various interests of people:
  • Adventure lovers- Skyline and luge, I-fly Singapore, AJ Hackett Sentosa, Megabounce- Mega adventure park, Sentosa 4D-Adventureland.
  • Kids Favourites- Universal Studios, Kidzzania.
  • Nature & Animal lovers- Butterfly park & Insect kingdom, Dolphin Island & S.E.A. Aquarium.
  • Beach & Water activity Lovers- Siloso & Palwan Beach, Ola beach club, Adventure cove waterpark.
  • Museum Lovers- Madam Tussauds Museum, Images of Singapore, The Maritime Experiential Museum, Trick Eye Museum
These were the major attractions and activities out of the huge bucket of activities Sentosa Island offers. However since most of the tourists and visitors have time boundation and all these major activities to be covered in one single day is next to impossible.
So, understanding that, we have further described our personal favorites out of each of these groups so as to make your choice of activities somewhat easier. So, here are our personal favorites from each group, which we are going to describe in detail:

·   SKYLINE & LUGE- This was actually our most favorite activity at Sentosa, we would highly recommend you to go for this activity. This could be a nice adventure and fun activity for people of any age group. In simple terms it is a go-cart sort of activity where you have to drive a go-cart shaped structure without wheels down-the-hill. It has various trails to go for, out of which one of the important trails is the jungle trail, which should not be missed. This amazing gravity-thrill ride will give you a unique experience which you have not experienced elsewhere.
·    UNIVERSAL STUDIOS- The most famous attraction is Universal Studios. It is definitely a kids dreamland and wonderland. Even the adults would be transported to their childhood in a time- machine. All our words will fall short to describe this stunning wonderland. However, we will discuss everything about Universal Studios in our next blog which will be our day 4 of our Singapore Itinerary.
    S.E.A. AQUARIUM- We were awestruck and astonished and amazed and surprised and mesmerized to see the beautiful World of fishes and other marine animals all at one place. It is actually home to more than 100,000 marine animals of 1000 species which comprise of sharks, sting rays, star fishes, Goliath groupers and other magnificent marine animals.  You would be in some other World when you see this amazing water creature’s paradise. The huge fish tank which is actually the World’s largest oceanic habitat consisting of more than forty thousand fishes and sea creatures, is wonderful to watch for hours and hours in a theatre like place. This would be really a very informative and wonderful experience for you to be in proximity to these marine creatures.
SILOSO BEACH- This is a very beautiful beach with white sand and crystal clear water, any beach lover will have a great time at this place. You can also visit Fort Siloso where you will find collection of World War-II memorabilia, so those who are interested in history can also check-out the place.
·    MADAM TUSSAUDS MUSEUM- If you want to have your “Kodak moment” with your favourite celebrity, than this is definitely the place to be. You could pose with your favourite leader or sports person or actor or any celebrity. You can take a selfie at the selfie zone, you could even try to dance with the virtual dancers in the background. You will be top of the World to hold the iconic IIFA trophy at the IIFA Awards Zone. Who could miss to be at the magazine cover page with Mr. Shahrukh khan (heartthrob of millions). If you want all these experiences, this is the perfect place to be.
    Apart from all these major attractions a show that could not be missed, when at Sentosa Island is the “WINGS OF TIME” show. This is a multi-sensory presentation of water displays, laser and fire effects, complemented by riveting music. It is an award-winning night show that is set near the open sea. So, this is definitely a must watch at Sentosa Island.

Next post will be very exciting as we are going to share our experience at the Universal Studios, so please read our next post of Day 4, which will be a great fun for us to write and for you to read. Please give your feedbacks..  


After experiencing the man-made marvel- Marina Bay Sands on first day of Singapore  trip (Singapore Detailed itinerary day 1- ), Day 2 should start with soaking yourself in the natural beauty of the beautiful Singapore.
So, lets get started with Gardens by the bay, this is hands down the most beautiful and marvelous garden we have ever seen in our life.

Its not just a garden, its an experience, its a meeting with nature, its a promise that we will protect our eco-system. All my words and adjectives will be miniature for this marvellous garden.

The garden has two major areas, the cloud forest and the flower dome. Once you enter the cloud forest you would be really surprised as well as mesmerized to see the World’s tallest indoor waterfall, flowers and tropical vegetation.

Along with that you get the fabulous experience to enjoy the skywalk and reach upright till the origin of waterfall, experience various plants and flowers by the sides, it is like an educational theatre with a proper description with botanic names of the plants you see there. Don’t miss to see the insectivorous pitcher plant and its lovely model at the top, which you might have read in your science books when you were a kid. You will definitely feel like you have returned back to your childhood in a time-machine. You will definitely enjoy looking after each and every corner of the cloud forest and when you reach the top you will get a marvellous view of outside the dome as well.

The flower dome is a huge bucket of beautiful flowers from almost all over the World. From the Asian range, to flowers from African continent, to the beautiful bucket from Australia and America, passing by the Mediterranean belt, you will find them all. You would be truly mesmerized to see the beauty that nature has imbibed in itself.
After the superb experience that you will get at the Gardens By the Bay, its time to indulge in the amazingly superb sound and light show, which takes place twice in the evening at the super tree groove. Whenever you will see pictures of Singapore, you will definitely see a pic of the iconic tree groove at the Gardens by the bay. 
You would be awestruck while watching the amazingly wonderful show, it is just so relaxing experience and a treat to your eyes.
We genuinely suggest you to spend a whole day at gardens by the bay, it is not only the most popular attraction in Singapore, but also an amazing and enriching experience, meeting with the nature. If you still have some time and energy before relaxing at your hotel, than you can go for shopping at Mustafa centre, which is open 24*7, for all the shopping lovers, who can do shopping day and night.

Please share your views about our blog and what more we can incorporate in it.
For day 3 to day 5, itinerary of Singapore, keep reading our forthcoming blog.

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Thursday, 21 March 2019


Today we are going to discuss about a day wise itinerary, which would be best suited to anyone planning a 5 day trip to the gorgeous Singapore.
Day 1:
The first day at anyplace should start by knowing the place, soaking in the vibes of the city and getting an overview of the place. 
So, in our view one should start from city centre always and have a bird’s eye view of the place.
What’s more exciting than having an amazing view of the city from 57th floor of the massive Marina Bay Sands hotel? The infinity pool is also worth a watch, if you are not a Marina Bay guest.
The view from the top is so amazing that one can sit there for hours and hours and enjoy the scenic view near the river side. On one side you can see an array of all the top-notch banks near the river bank along with the Singapore flyer right in front and on the other side you can see the beautiful gardens by the bay and the iconic super-tree groove. You can also have a quick bite to eat or have a drink with the gorgeous view at the restaurant located right at the top.

After spending a great time there and feeling at the top of the World, its the time to go for a high-end shopping experience at the mall located in the complex of Marina Bay Sands. If that’s not enough than enjoy a soothing gondola boat ride at the artificial canal created inside the mall itself. You will be experiencing a small Venice in Singapore.
After having an extra-ordinary experience at the Marina complex, its time to be mesmerized with the glittering view near the river side, which is just outside the mall. In the evening when every building, every corner gets lit-up, Singapore’s beauty goes to the next level.  Its also the time to experience the amazing sound and light show, which is a 15 minutes show and takes place thrice a day during weekdays and twice at weekends.
You will thus, end your first day with lots and lots of beautiful, scenic and glittering moments and experiences, that you will remember for a lifetime.
This was the day1 plan, for complete day-wise itinerary of Singapore, keep reading our forthcoming blogs.

Sunday, 17 March 2019

First International Travel Destination (Female Travellers)- SINGAPORE


Reason due to which we find Singapore the best place to travel Internationally is that this small country has quite a huge bucket of activities to offer to any traveller-  a young enthusiast, a shopping freak female, family oriented people, or even aged travellers, it has something to offer to everyone.
Those who love nature can visit any of the beautiful gardens the beautiful green Country offers, best of them being Gardens by the Bay including beautiful flower dome and cloud forest. The animal lovers and kids would love to go to Night Safari, jungle trails, river safari and jurong bird park.
   For shopping freaks like us its a Shopping Heaven, on one hand Orchard road offers all the high-end brands any shopping lover could imagine, on the other hand they have places like Buggis street and Mustafa centre which are simply amazing for budget shopping.
For young adventure enthusiast and beach people, Sentosa island is the best place for you, which offers about 21 adventure and recreational activities. One shouldn’t forget to experience Skyline and Luge, which is a go-cart type adventure fun activity, which we have seen only here. Besides, wings of time is also simply amazing fire, water, sound and light show, which is really worth watching. Besides, kids will have an amazing time at Universal studios, also located at the Resorts World, Sentosa.
For foodies, the place offers a variety of cuisines, like Singaporean, Chinese, Indian, Malaysian, etc since it is a melting pot of many cultures which is reflected in their food and cuisines.
Now coming to the most important aspect i.e. safety and ease of travel, Singapore is said to be one of the safest country in the World. This is what we actually experienced while our stay over there. One can actually walk on the street even at late nights, without having any safety issues. There is because of proper installation and monitoring of cameras in each and every corner, due to which crime rate is at minimal level.
Besides, the people are very friendly and helpful, they will always be ready to guide and help the people visiting their country. As it is rightly said that human resource is the best resource for any country to develop and due to the people which gives a very positive representation about their country, the tourism in Singapore has increased manifolds over the years.
Besides the main problem faced by most of the countries is pollution, which has been dealt by Singapore so efficiently that they have almost subsided it. Due to plantation of trees and plants everywhere the government has also done a remarkable job to maintain a good balance between human development and ecosystem protection. You will find hardly anyplace that is deprived of greenery.
One more important issue that reflects the ease of travel in Singapore is the well developed transport system. The modes of transportation in Singapore are very efficient, frequent, safe, cheap and convenient. The government has taken utmost care to develop the public transport system so well that most of the citizens should use the public transport, which ultimately results is huge reduction in number of cars on road and pollution. Public transport system includes a well developed network of MRTs (Metro Trains), buses, boats, monorails, etc.

Well according to us, we have touched most of the aspects of travel and Singapore has done complete justice to each and every requirement of travel as per our experience. We will keep of updating you about many new places and what speciality they offer. We will love to get your views and suggestions, thanks alot for reading our first ever blog.  

For daywise itinerary to Singapore, please visit Singapore - 5 Days Itinerary - part 1

Best International holiday destination for female and solo traveler

Best International holiday destination for female and solo traveler

Best International holiday destination for female and solo traveler
Changi International Airport, Singapore

When we think about Best International holiday destination for female and solo traveler, the first thing that strikes our mind is to choose the holiday destination. It is really very important to choose an international destination wisely and with proper search and knowledge about the place. It’s also very important to choose the place in accordance with our travel requirement, which simply means that what we are expecting from an international holiday destination, like for example some people like to have fun at beaches, while others are more adventure lovers who may need a place where there are many adventure activities like hiking, paragliding, river rafting, jungle trails, etc, while some may be more inclined towards entertainment activities like amusement parks, clubs, casinos etc. Travel requirements also differ in accordance with the person or group of persons you are travelling with, for example young solo travelers may be more enthusiastic about adventure and fun activities, while families having kids with them would prefer gardens and amusement parks, and female travelers will definitely have shopping malls and street markets at their top priority. 
But one thing which takes the top priority among all these travel requirements is safety and ease of travel  and this is applicable for all, whether a solo traveler or a group of females or even a family. However, this takes a slight higher importance in case of female travelers or more appropriately a female solo traveler.
Best International holiday destination for female and solo traveler
Realizing this requirement many top-notch travel companies are now designing holiday packages especially for female travelers, keeping in mind the ease of travel and safety issues.
Here we would like to introduce ourselves, we are two best friends, we are both professionals in our different fields of activity, and one thing that we both are passionate about is travelling in India and around the World. Whenever we get some time we plan about going to holiday somewhere or other. Being females, the first thing that comes to our mind while choosing our travel destination is whether the place is safe to travel or roam at night also?? 
So to answer to this very important question, what we do is to do a detailed research about the place where we gonna go. It’s very important to know about the place, people, language, culture and even the government policies in the country scheduled to be visited.
Now we are going to tell you one such International destination that is appropriate for all travel groups or solo travelers. We are narrating this only on the basis of our personal experience when we visited the place and we experienced about it. The country which according to us is the best and safest for any female traveler/ solo traveler, or families, or bunch of young travelers is SINGAPORE. 
Best International holiday destination for female and solo traveler
Best International holiday destination for female and solo traveler
Marina Bay Sands

Best International holiday destination for female and solo traveler
Best International holiday destination for female and solo traveler