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Explore Delhi Differently this winters

Explore Delhi Differently this winters..

Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi
Delhi ....have u ever been to Delhi??? We guess most of us have visited Delhi at some point of time, and why not.. afterall New Delhi is capital of our lovely country India. Lemme ask one more question, what places come to your mind when you think about visiting Delhi??
In my childhood, My parents took me around India Gate, Lal Quila, Lotus Temple, Qutub Minar, Jantar Mantar and ofcourse every child’s dream Appu Ghar in Delhi.

After I grew up and started doing trips on my own, I used to be a shoppoholic and stroll around the fantastic market places like Sarojini Nagar, Lajpat Nagar, Janpat Market, Karol Bagh, Chandni Chowk, etc etc and moreover used to take a metro and hit the streets of Gurgaon to explore the various Malls inline there, of which my personal favorite was Ambience Mall.

Have you ever thought of doing something different from all the above listed experiences of Delhi......

The last time I visited Delhi, I was lucky enough to explore it in a totally hatke style and explore the unexplored aspect of Delhi.
Have you ever thought to pay a visit to the mighty Rashtrapati Bhawan (The pride of India) or get a picture clicked with your favorite personality at the prestigious Madame Tussauds Museum (The only one in India). Yes, this was the thing I was talking about.
Very lately I came to knew about the fact that our Government has opened the doors of Rashtrapati Bhawan for every citizen with the opportunity of knowing every aspect about it with a guided tour. Before that, only the Mughal Gardens at Rashtrapati Bhawan were opened for a short while in winters for public visits. But now the visit to Rashtrapati Bhawan has been divided in three circuits. Circuit 1 comprises of Rashtrapati Bhawan main building and central lawn, Circuit 2 includes the Rashtrapati Bhawan Museum Complex while the Circuit 3 comprises the visit to Mughal Gardens and other gardens at Rashtrapati Bhawan. 

Way to Rashtrapati Bhawan
The best part is that you get an opportunity of a guided tour of Rashtrapati Bhawan, which helps in a better understanding of the whole architecture of the mighty building and relevance of various important rooms and artifacts placed there. Generally circuit 1 is opened for public visits from Thursday to Sunday, while one can visit Circuit 2 everyday of week except Monday, whereas for visiting circuit 3 which includes the Mughal Garden you have to wait for winter season, as it is open just for a short period of time from the month of December to February every year and visiting days are again from Thursday to Saturday.
Since it is December, the gates for visiting Mughal Gardens have been opened, so you can plan your weekend visiting the Rashtrapati Bhawan including all the three circuits. It would surely be an informative and lifetime experience for you. One thing you must keep in mind that you have to confirm your booking in advance. Being a high security area, the day and time-slot of visit has to be approved in advance, as only a limited number of people are permitted to visit in a particular time- slot. For getting approval to visit Rashtrapati Bhawan you have to confirm your bookings at the Rastrapati Sachivalaya website (you could checkout at-, where you have to mention your details along with date and time-slot you want, further you have to pay a nominal booking amount online(Generally it is Rs. 50/- per visitor, entry is free for children less than 8 years of age). You will get an email which will disclose that your booking has been confirmed or not. You have to take a print of that email with you along with necessary documents mentioned in the email itself while visiting Rashtrapati Bhawan.
You can even get a chance to visit the change of guard ceremony which is held every Saturday and Sunday. A request to witness the ceremony can be made online through a link on website-
Talking about my own experience, I was just mesmerized to see the grandeur of the huge building. While driving through the Vijay Path on the way to the Gate of Rashtrapati Bhawan, I felt like I have been transported to the age of some Rajas and Maharajas in a time-machine. If it sounds very fancy to you??, then visit yourself you will also come across the same vibe. Don’t miss to take your memorable pic on the stairs of the gigantic building. I managed to stand in the front row during our guided tour, in order to hear and observe each and everything very minutely. I was awestruck to see beauty of each and every room/ hall I saw whether it was the beautiful Darbar Hall, or the Banquet Hall, the Ashok Hall or any other room I visited or artifact I came across. At that time all my memories came alive, when we used to watch all the high profile meetings with Head of states of different countries on our small TV screen. It was like a dream turning to reality. I also minutely understood about the different protocols that are necessary to be followed during a high profile meeting.  It was really a moment of pride for me and if you want to experience the same than do plan an awesome weekend to this place.

Now, if you want to do something more fun, then ......

Then take a cab or an auto and head to the most famous and happening place of Delhi, yes you guessed it right the Connaught Place. You might think what is different in visiting Connaught Place, since it is easily the most touristy thing to do, when at Delhi, but lemme explain about it. The Regal building at Connaught Place now houses the one and only Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in India
The heartthrob of million - Salman Khan in Dabangg Style in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum
Yes, Madame Tussauds is in India now and at the perfect location of Regal Theatre, Regal Building, Connaught Place, New Delhi. It in houses wax statues of various prominent personalities related to Bollywood, Hollywood, Music, Sports, Television and Politics. You can click your photos with your favorite personalities or read about them in screens placed nearby. You can even play KBC with the statue of Mr. Anil Kapoor, you can play a football game by the virtual gaming facility placed there. 

The statues of our great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, APJ Abdul Kalam and Narendra Modi are very impressive and you can read about them in detail also.  There is also an old school telephone placed in that room, it has recordings of six great leaders of our country which includes audio voices of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, Narendra Modi, Subhash Chandra Bose, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Bhagat Singh. 

To hear the inspirational voices of those great personalities one has to dial the mentioned number and hear it on the receiver. 

There are lot many activities to do over there, you can also create a wax version of your hand or a cute hand in hand wax hand with your loved ones. For all these lovely experiences do visit the Madame Tussauds museum at Delhi.

One more thing that we did was on the way to Cannought Place, we stopped at Bangla Sahib Darbar, it is a very auspicious and holy place for Sikhs as well as people of all religions. It is really a very peaceful and beautiful place. You will enjoy every moment of being there whether it is sitting inside the darbar and hearing the Gurbani or sitting near tarantaal or the holy water or enjoying the sumptuous meal at langar hall and eating the kana Prasad.

This was all about a one day delightful trip to Delhi in a Zara Hatke style. We would love to hear from you and also request to share with your near & dear ones ... and lastly ...

Merry Christmas to you all and we hope that Santa will bring lots of happiness to your lives.. Keep enjoying keep travelling & living your life to the fullest.. :-) 😊😊❤️❤️ 

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Spiti Valley explore the unexplored marvel

An Awesome view that will make you skip the breath..

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Char Dham Yatra Badrinath Dham

Char Dham Yatra- Badrinath Dham- 

Heavenly Place dham Yatra
Shri Badrinath Main Temple

Char Dham Yatra is not just pilgrimage, Char Dham Yatra is not just visiting any other temple or holy place, Char Dham Yatra is actually an experience, a Heavenly experience, where you will be in proximity to nature, proximity to God and proximity to mother earth.
On the Way to Shri Badrivishal..
When we think about Char Dham Yatra, the first thing that strikes our mind is that it might be very difficult to reach there, and the roads might not be in a perfect condition, and some might even think that only our elders should go to such holy places.
But let me tell you all these perceptions are just a myth. It is not at all difficult to reach there, road condition is perfectly fine and moreover anyone can go there and they will be definitely mesmerized with the heavenly charm of the places they will visit in the Char Dham Yatra.
Nature at its best
Today we are going to discuss with you one of the Dham out of the Char Dham which include- 
Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri and Yamnotri.

Char Dham Yatra- Badrinath Dham:

Out of the Char Dhams, the Badrinath Dham is one of the important holy place according to Hindu Mythology. Badrinath Dham belongs to Lord Vishnu- who is said to be the creator of Universe.

Location of Badrinath Dham

Badrinath Dham is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, the main temple is located between two mountains which are named as Nar and Narayan, this is because as per Hindu Mythology Lord Vishnu is said to be the incarnation of sages Nar and Narayan. 
The river Alakhnanda (which later merge with Bhagirathi to form the mighty Ganga river), flows with full force near the temple, which is beautiful to see.
Very near to the main temple is a natural hot- sulphur water kund, known as tapt kund and it is said to be very sacred to take a dip in this kund before entering the main temple.

Some interesting stories about Badrinath temple

There are many stories about Char Dham Yatra especially Badrinath Dham, one story about this temple also reveals that the image of Lord Vishnu at the Badrinath Temple was first found near the Tapt kund and later on the than King of Uttarakhand established Lord Vishnu’s Image at the main Badrinath Temple.\
One another very famous story in Uttarakhand region is that, Lord Vishnu is holding a small needle in his hand and this small needle has separated both the mountains- Nar and Narayan, and this needle is getting small with every passing day, and after some hundreds of years, this needle will get broken and finally fall from the hands of Lord Badrinarayan and that day the gap between Nar and Narayan parvat will disappear and the way to reach Badrinath Dham will get closed. After that people will devote their prayers to Shri Adi- Badrinath Dham, which is located near Joshimath, which is the winter resting place of Lord Badrinarayan.
We don’t know how true these stories are but going to such divine place and hearing such stories from locals is a very amazing experience.

Shri Badrinath ji Temple Distant view

Perfect time to visit Badrinath Temple or any of the Char Dhams

Char Dham Yatra generally begins in the month of May, close to Akshay Tritiya and gets over in October close to Vijaydashmi.

Badrinath Yatra starts when Lord Badrinarayan is bought to the main temple after resting in Joshimath, which is the winter home of Lord Vishnu, a very grand procession brings Lord to the main temple generally in the month of May close to Akshay Tritiya, and temple gets closed on the day of Vijaydashmi, when winter starts and Lord is taken to Joshimath.

Generally Yamunotri and Gangotri are the first to get opened for Yatra and Badrinath Dham is the last one to get closed for Yatra, this is because as per Hindu Mythology the Char Dham Yatra should start in clockwise direction starting from Yamunotri, proceeding to Gangotri, than Kedarnath Dham and finally concluding at Badrinath Dham.
Best time to visit Badrinath temple or any of the Char Dhams is in the month of May till mid- June, and than in months of September-October. July- August generally is a rainy season with lots of rainfall, snowfall and landslides. So, its better to visit before or after the rainy season.

How to reach Badrinath Dham??
The best means to reach Badrinath Dham is by road, the road condition is excellent except from 1 or 2 patches after Joshimath, the view is very scenic and every village is beautiful. You can take a bus from Rishikesh or Haridwar or can book your own cab.

Generally, if you come from Haridwar or Rishikesh, the tour operators will provide you a cab with a 3 days package for Badrinath. The cost will depend upon the vehicle you will choose and it will range between 10K-15K.
If you have less time you can also opt for a helicopter ride which you have to prebook and the cost will be definitely on a higher side.
But we would definitely suggest you a road trip, since the views are breathtaking and the road condition is excellent, thanks to BRO.
Places nearby Badrinath Dham

There are many places near and on the way of Badrinath Dham, which makes the journey very beautiful and perfect for people of any age, religion, opinions and interests. journey generally starts from Rishikesh which is an amazing place for pilgrims, adventure lovers and different niche groups. Proceeding forward you will find various beautiful places especially hill stations on the way likes Srinagar, Pauri, Landsdowne, Devprayag, Rudraprayag, Joshimath and Auli. All these places are very scenic and worth a visit. 2kms ahead of Badrinath Dham you will find Mana Village, which is the last village of India and this villages is famous for its numerous evidences of Mahabharta period. 
It is said that Pandavas came here before there final journey for heaven, besides this the place is actually very beautiful and should not be missed if you come to Badrinath.
Finally concluding:
We have shared everything about Badrinath Dham, one of the Char Dhams. We are very hopeful that the information shared will be useful to you while planning your Char Dham Yatra especially yatra to Badrinath Dham.

This year the Badrinath Dham temple has been opened on 10th May and Char Dham Yatra is going on. You have lots of time till October to plan a trip to the Heavenly Char Dham Yatra.
So, do plan your trip and for any assistance either visit us at
or post your queries at

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Amazing Reflections of Some Dream Destinations

Hello guys..!! Recently our team - Travelntweet visited some of the dream destinations and captured the beauty of the places. This video is simply a trailer having some reflections of the wonderful places Singapore & Goa. We will bring you the next videos on both of these destinations separately. Till then please do watch this video and we would like to get your views / suggestions regarding this.
For details on various destinations worldwide, you can visit our website:- Travelntweet
You can also reach us at

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Goa-Fun-filled Holiday Destination

The peak-time to go Goa- November to January every year when people love to go and enjoy there..
Goa, the place of fun, the place of thrill, the place of adventure, the place of masti, the place of culture, the place of religion, and the place of everything in the World. What more can we say about Goa, there is nothing in the World that Goa does not offer.
Beautiful to Ride along Panjim-The Capital of Goa 
From the beautiful sandy beaches, to the amazing party places, from the noisy waterfalls to the soothing river side, from water sports to the famous pub-crawls, from wonderful Churches to the most amazing temples, Goa has it all. On one hand it has freedom and the hip-vibe, on the other hand it has its unique culture and religious practices. Goa offers something for everyone. This place never disappoints anyone.
In this blog we will discuss in detail about how to reach Goa and what all activities you can do there in a limited time and budget.
Sunrise on the Beach
How to reach Goa??
Now the million dollar question is how to reach this beautiful place? Goa is very well connected by roads, water and air which means you can come by bus or car, or you can come enjoying your cruise or you can opt for the fastest means of reaching Goa by flights.

By Road: You can rent a car or take your own 4-wheeler, or take a bus from Mumbai which will take you to Goa in 11hrs 30min approx. Goa is 553 kms from Mumbai and the road is very scenic, Especially if you visit during the rainy season.
By Train: Train is actually the cheapest option to reach Goa from Mumbai. Again the view is very scenic as you pass through the hills and valleys. If you are on the budget trip than you should definitely opt for a train journey.
By Flights: It is the most fastest and convenient way to reach Goa, however it could slightly hit your pocket if you are on a budget trip. The nearest airport is Dabolim Airport, which is a 65 min drive away from the city centre.

Adventure sports & other activities to do:

Goa is a heaven for adventure sports specially water-sports, don’t even dare to miss these activities, when in Goa. The all time favorites are:
·     Para-sailing: The most done water sports activity in Goa is Para-sailing, when you are in the air hanging with a parachute and being dragged through a motor-boat, ohh what a view it is when you see enormous water beneath you and beautiful beaches from such a great height. There are 2 variants of Para-sailing:- One is “With Dip” and other is “Without Dip”. We strongly recommend to go for – Parasailing with Dip, try it, you will definitely enjoy.

           Jet-Ski ride: Another popular water sport is to ride on the water, splashing on the waves on a jet-ski. The thrill you feel on a jet-ski ride is unbeatable. If you are a beginner, then don’t worry at all, it is completely safe as it is mostly driven by the experts and you just have to sit and enjoy the ride.

      Banana-Boat ride: It is also a very thrilling adventure activity which could be done by a group of 4-5 people. You have to hold your banana boat really tight as it will be dragged by a very high speed motor- boat. It goes to such a speed that you could even fall in the mid of the sea, but don’t worry you are in safe hands as there is a guard in the boat who will pull you back again.
·         Bumper-Boat ride: It is somewhat like banana boat ride; the only difference is that it could be done by 2 people at a time.

·         Sail-Boat ride: It is the latest addition in the water activities at Goa, these are actually sail boats without any motor, which will take you for a tour of 2Kms in the mid-sea, their movement depend on the direction of winds. It is actually a great experience, you just have to sit on the net bed of boat or you can even lie-down, you fill feel as if you are yourself a fish swimming in this huge sea. So, if in Goa, give it a try.
·         Flyboarding: Who doesn’t want to fly?? Everyone in this planet has an inner desire to fly and this latest addition in water-sports is catering this inner desire of ours. In this adventure sport water is pushed beneath pair of boots worn by you, by this water pressure the rider flies in the air upto a certain height an when pressure is released, again drops in the water. It looks a bit scary and we didn’t had the guts to try it. But please do let us know, I anyone of you goes there and try this sport and let us know your experience. We are eagerly looking forward for your personal experiences, so that we could gather courage to try it out someday.

5 in 1 Water Sports Package In North Goa
Other Activities:
Apart of adventure sports there are numerous other activities to do in Goa, some of them are as follows:

·       Dolphin Spotting: Spotting the manoeuvres of the amazing creature Dolphin in its natural habitat is really an awesome experience. There are many boat companies that will take you for a ride in the mid-sea to spot there amazing creatures of God. You will find them in the Deltin area which is very near to Fort Aguada.

Dolphin Spotting Tour

·     Clubbing: Goa is a hub of clubs, pubs and discos. Many of the top- notch clubs of India are found here. So, if you are a party person, then don’t miss to visit Titos Lane, which is the hub of nightlife in Goa. Tito’s and Mambo’s are said to be the best to enjoy Goan nightlife. Good news for all the ladies, your entry is totally free there, however men have to pay the entry tickets. You will get the best discos, DJs, alcohol and food there.
·         Gambling: Goa has some of the best casinos on its waters. Ya thats right the casinos are huge and beautiful ships floating on the water. You will be charmed by the beauty of these huge ships, especially when they light-up at night. These are mostly loca
ted on Mandovi river-side in the Panjim area. It has all the major casino brands like Casino Royale, Big-Daddy casino, Casino Pride, Deltin Royale Casino, etc.
On interesting fact about this casino area is that, this place looks so beautifully amazing in the evening and night that it attracts the attention of many film directors to capture their shots at this place. We have ourselves witnessed shooting of a Marathi movie there. You never know when and what you find in Goa.
·         Fishing:  If you like fishing, than you are at the right place, there are many areas where you can take your fishing device and sit with a beautiful view and wait for the fish to get caught. In our opinion the best place will be Dona Paula.
·         Snorkling: This is another great activity you can do here. Watching the sea creatures in their natural habitat is really a next level experience. So, you can definitely opt for this activity when in Goa.

Places to Visit:
There are numerous places to visit in Goa, some of the handpicked places are as follows:

·         Beaches: Goa has some of the best beaches of the country. Many people come to Goa just to see these beautiful sandy beaches. There are approx 22 beaches in Goa, and most of them are inter-connected with each other. If you visit beaches at North Goa they are a bit crowded but are best for adventure sports and nightlife. But if you want peace and privacy than you have to visit beaches at South Goa. In our opinion, one should visit some important beaches of both North and South Goa, if you don’t have the time to visit all the 22 beaches. Remember one thing, every beach is different, the sand is different, the landscape is different, the waves are different, and overall experience is different at each beach, so don’t be in a notion that every beach will be the same, so why visit many beaches. Some of our favourites are Baga beach(Adventure and party), Calangute beach (Adventure and party), Candolim beach (highly recommended for beautiful waves), Sinquerim Beach (Amazing views), Anjuna Beach(Amazing views), Arambol Beach(Peaceful), Miramar Beach(Mumbai Style Chowpati area), Dona Paula(Must visit, beautiful and scenic), Colva Beach(white sandy beautiful beach). These should not be missed if you don’t have the time to visit all the beaches.
     Churches:  Goa is the home to the most beautiful churches. Actually Goan architecture is greatly influenced by Portugese architecture, which is also reflected in its Churches. You will find the most beautiful churches in Old Goa, Velha and Panjim area. The Asia’s largest and UNESCO world heritage Church- Basilica of Bom Jesus is located in the beautiful Old Goa, another beautiful Church, which you might have spotted is some movies as well is Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, located in Panjim. Other important Churches in Goa are Church of St. Francis of Assisi (Velha, Goa), Se Cathedral (Velha, Goa), St. Alex Church (Calangute, Goa), and Church of St. Cajetan (Velha, Goa).

Basilica of Bom Jesus

·         Temples: Goa has a good population of Hindu worshippers and some of the most beautiful temples are located here. Their unique worshipping practices and great architectural designs will leave you amazed and spell- bound. Some of the important and most visited temples of Goa are Shri Mangesh Devasthan (Ponda, Goa), Shantadurga Temple (Ponda, Goa), Mahalaxmi Temple (Ponda, Goa), Shri Nagueshi Temple (Ponda, Goa) and Navdurga Temple (Borim, Goa).
      Forts: There are two important forts which should not be missed during your Goa visit, these are Fort Aguada and Fort Chapora. Both the forts give you stunning views and glimpses of the beautiful Goa.

Fort Aguada is located in a hilly area with its lighthouse and jail which is well preserved from 17th century. It is a best example of Potugese architecture and overlooks the Sinquerim beach, it also marks the confluence of Mandovi river and Arabian Sea. If you like photography and want to capture scenic views than this place is definitely heaven for you.The visit timings of the fort are from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM.

Fort Chapora is also a very important fort to visit, it is located across Chapora river in Bardez, Goa. It should be visited in the morning to witness the beautiful sunrise and also to                                 hike a bit avoiding the scorching heat during the day. The fort is located at such a prominent place that commands views in all directions, which was strategically built to cater the defence requirements of the than army. But today it is a prominent tourist spot and gives stunning and scenic views of the place.

·       Waterfalls: Yes Goa offers one of the longest waterfalls of the country i.e. Dudhsagar Falls which is located in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary and Mollen National Park, over the Mandovi river. It actually marks the border between Karnataka and Goa. These are very beautiful and scenic especially during the rainy season.

This was all we have to tell you about Goa trip, if you have a limited time and budget, which is from our personal experience, for any other queries kindly visit us at or email us at

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Auli - The Heaven on earth

Weekend Escape in Summers- Auli

Hello Friends, in these summers if you are planning for a short holiday or a weekend escape, and are a bit confused about your perfect destination, than we may help you a bit to make your choice. 
In our view, the choice of your place should be done while considering certain factors like your journey period, your travel budget and whether you like crowd or peace.
In summers if you are looking for a short weekend escape especially from Delhi-NCR region or Uttar Pradesh or Uttarakhand, and you have a limited budget and love to be in peace and in lap of nature, than in our view AULI is the perfect place to be.

Auli- This small and beautiful hill station is located in the laps of mighty Himalayas, giving a picture perfect view of many Himalayan peaks like Nanda Devi, Trishul parbat, Mana Parbat, Dunagiri & Karnet peaks of Himalayas. On a day when there is a clear sky the view of Himalayan peaks from Auli is unbeatable.
Auli is not only beautiful, but also peaceful and still untouched holiday destination, which makes it a perfect destination for honeymoon couples as well. Besides the many reasons to visit Auli, one unique reason is the cable car ride from Joshimath to Auli, yes there is a cable car ride connecting Auli and Joshimath, which is so picturesque, that could not be described in words. So, don’t miss the cable car ride to Auli, the 25 min ride which is said to be the longest cable car ride in India.

How to reach AULI:

By Air: The nearest airport is Dehradun airport, from where you can take a bus or taxi to Auli.

By Train: The nearest railway station is Haridwar, from where you can continue your onward journey to Auli by bus or taxis

By Road: In our view take a road trip from Delhi- NCR, and reach Joshimath, via Haridwar & Dehradun. You will love the being in the lap of nature. There are two routes to follow while coming by road:
1.      On one route is via Rishikesh and Rudraprayag, which is very beautiful and important from the aspect of pilgrimage. That is why most of the people prefer to go by this route. Due to this reason, this route is mostly crowded, witnessing frequent traffic jams.
   The other route is via places like Landsdowne, Shrinagar and Pauri. This hilly road has beautiful scenic views, with small hill stations on-route, which you can also visit. This route is quite un-explored, less crowded and beautiful.
We went there by second route to avoid long traffic jams and came back by taking the first route mentioned above, so as to experience them both. In our view, if you have less time and want to reach Auli at the earliest to enjoy more, than you should definitely take the second route.
Most of the taxi or bus drivers prefer the first route, since its short in terms of kilometres travelled, but if you are taking your own vehicle than you should definitely opt for the second route, which is shorter in terms of hours travelled.
After reaching Joshimath you can either drive till the place, or take a cable car ride or a chair car ride. We would definitely suggest you to go for a cable car ride which is more scenic and drops you at a decent height at Auli. For some more adventure you can opt a chair car ride, but the chair car station is at a lower height than the cable car.
Places and activities at Auli
Auli is a very beautiful place and you can experience the most amazing and scenic views. 

Nature is at its best there.
The most amazing experience is to watch the great peaks of Himalayas, the view is so clear and mesmerizing from here, that it is beyond imagination.
You can enjoy near the beautiful artificial lake, which gets completely freezed during the winters and in summers it adds to the beauty of the place.
You can walk for hours and hours feeling the cool breeze from Himalayas and the immensely peaceful vibe of the place. Again we would quote that the view is breath-taking.
In the winters, the beauty of Auli goes to next level when we could witness the Skiing tournament when the whole mountain is covered with snow. The place seems like mountain covered with white jewels.
Besides, Auli is also the base for many hiking trails, here sky is the limit explore as much as you can. You can also indulge in activities like horse riding and roaming in an ATV machine. Yes, the place offers it all.
The most important thing  is the fresh vibe and peace that rejuvenates you to the fullest.
Thus, in our view, in summers AULI is the best place to get refreshed and an amazing weekend escape.

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Cruise- Travel with luxury and leisure


Hello friends, today we are going to share our views about travelling in a cruise ship. When this word “CRUISE” strikes our mind the first thing that we imagine is luxury, leisure, fun and lots of enjoyment.
A CRUISE SHIP is actually a small city floating on water. Many of you must be planning to go to a luxury cruise for your upcoming holidays. Today we are going to discuss everything about cruise including bookings, budget, facilities, entertainment and activities you can do at the cruise.
There are a number of cruiselines for which bookings can be done depending on your budget, choices and port of embarking. If you are looking for an Asian cruise, the major cruises that you can opt for are Royal Caribbean, Dream Cruises, Costa Cruises, etc. Ships of Royal Caribbean are said to be the best out of the fleet, however prices may be slightly on the higher side as compared to Dream cruises.
Bookings could be done online by many websites available, or you can directly go to the websites of Cruiselines, where you could also get attractive discounts while bookings. Its better to book early so as to avail the early bird offers available on websites. If you go in the summers mostly in the month of March and April you can get excellent offers, since it is an off- season for them.
There are options of cabin like inside cabin, oceanview cabin and balcony cabin which depends upon your budget. We would definitely suggest you to shed some more pennies from your pocket and opt for a balcony cabin, the experience of cruise will be at next level if you opt for a balcony cabin. The sight of ocean in the night and the morning sunrise view from your room will be a lifetime experience.
The key of smart and budget travel is book early, pay less and enjoy more.

Budget of travel by a cruise ship depends upon many factors like the cruiseline you have opted, days of cruising, cabin of your choice and port of embarking.
While making the decision of travel by the cruise, first choice that you have to make is to which cruise to opt for. If you could spend a bit more for cruise than we would surely recommend the Royal Caribbean fleet, but if you want a decent cruise experience in a relatively affordable price than Dream cruise is the best option
Second decision to be taken is the number of days to cruise, more the number of days, more will be your expense. In our view, one should opt for a 3 nights and 4 days cruise, which we will be sufficient enough to explore the ship and enjoy all the facilities at the fullest, this will also be cost effective for you. Besides, if you want to travel in less time and less money than 1 night or 2 night cruises are also available. However, if you are travelling with a good cruise budget than you can opt for 5-7 nights cruise and visit different places along with cruising.

Facilities, entertainment and activities:
We bet you will go mad, when you look around what all facilities, entertainment and activities the cruise ship offers. It will be really a dream come true for many, as it was for us also. The cruise don’t gives you a single chance to complain or to get bored. You would be awestruck to see the never ending bucket of activities that the cruise offers.
Those who like to have fun in water or want to enjoy adventure activities, there is a buffet of activities you could indulge in. You could enjoy and relax in swimming pool or can go for water slides, which is a great fun for kids as well as adults. Adventure junkies can go for zip-lining activity or rock climbing, which is also a fun activity. Those who are interested in sports can also play golf or table tennis, for which exclusive areas are available.
There is a wide range of indoor activities also available which includes chess, bowling, gaming zone, etc. Those who want to party hard, Zouk night club is the best option. You can even learn dancing or practice yoga near the main pool. One can also enjoy the World class entertainment shows at the Zodiac theatre, but don’t miss to book in advance.
If you are a foodie, than you will be in seventh heaven to see what variety the cruise offers you. Food at dream cruises is really like a dream. 

You can enjoy cuisines from every part of the World. Lido is the best complimentary restaurant offering a huge variety of cuisines all over the World, you can even find quite a number of vegetarian options and even there is a counter for Jain vegetarian if you avoid onion and garlic in your meal. Thus, cruise takes care of everyone’s taste buds. Apart from Lido and other complimentary restaurants, there are many other restaurants and food joints offering variety of food items 24*7.
Thus, in our view if you want to enjoy every aspect of luxury, every aspect of adventure and thrills and every aspect of fun in life than surely try cruising in your life. You will get an experience of a lifetime which you will never forget.

Sunday, 14 April 2019



Day 5 which is your last day to explore the beautiful country, make it your best day of travel. We are sure till now you will be in love with this place and you won’t be in a mood to go back to home.
So, day 5 should be planned in a way so as to experience the local markets with lots of shopping and visiting places that give you beautiful glimpses of the place, so that along with your baggage you carry a huge bag full of great memories of Singapore.

The places that we suggest for day 5 are:
            · Singapore Flyer
             · Arab Street
             · China Town 
             · Little India 
             · Buggies Street 
             · Orchard Road
             · Clarke Quay
        Yes, there is a bucket of activities lined-up for day 5. 
       Its like “Shop till you drop” & “Explore till your feet stop”.
      We start the day with Singapore Flyer, the morning charm of Singapore with 360 degree panoramic views from Flyer will keep you mesmerized and awestruck. The jaw-dropping sights of the place when you will reach at the top will definitely create a lasting impact in your mind. On one side you will see the wonderful Marina Bay Sands and Gardens By the Bay, on the other hand you will be charmed with the view of the water and numerous small and large boats and vessels at the dock. If you see straight downwards to your back you will find the Formula 1 race track, which would be a first time watch for many. These experiences will fill your soul and mind with huge memories of Singapore.
      To experience the rich culture and the local vibe you must visit the various neighborhoods at Singapore which includes Arab Street, China Town and Little India. Arab street is a very artistic and cool place with a hip-vibe, seems to be a heaven for photographers and specifically selfie-lovers, you can shop, roam around and even try a “SELFIE-COFFEE”, which will be a unique experience for you.
     China town is a mirror of rich Chinese culture of the place. Three things that you will definitely buy from there are: 1. Souveniers, 2. Souveniers 3. More Souveniers. You will experience small Chinese shops, temples and authentic Chinese restaurants. You will also smell the unique fleshy fruit Durian in the market. If you are visiting in the months of January & February, you will see the place decorated with the Chinese symbols, decorative items and lights, which will be a very pleasant experience.
       Visiting Little India is like visiting a mini- India, you would find Indian temples, small and beautiful Indian homes and various Indian food joints. If you are a vegetarian or an Indian food- lover you will definitely come here to try out the Indian cuisine. Besides, as we have mentioned in our earlier blogs that Singapore is a shopping heaven. So, don’t even try to miss the crazy shopping experience at Buggies street and Orchard road.
      On one hand, Buggies Street is a great destination for budget shopping. Its a great thing that prices are quite cheap, but the quality of goods is very nice. Singapore and Singaporeans never compromise with quality. So, it could be a great shopping experience for budget shoppers. All the female shoppers will go mad to see the variety of apparels, handbags, cosmetics and other accessories that this place offers. You can also buy some gifts for your friends and family.
      On the other hand, Orchard Road offers high-end shopping experience to all the shoppo-holics. It has a vibrant mall culture with all major World–wide brands, marking their presence at this place. You can spend hours and hours here, hopping from one shopping mall to the other. Don’t miss the architectural wonder- “Ion Mall”. If you have a good shopping budget, than you will be un-stoppable there. You can even enjoy window- shopping here if your pocket say a no-no for luxury shopping. An evening walk at the Orchard road is also a great catch, you will be mesmerized with the dazzling lit-up malls and performances of street artists.
       By the evening you would be tired like hell, and will be in a mood to have a relaxed time along with enjoying the beauty of Singapore. So, we suggest you to head straight to Clarke Quay or Boat Quay, which is the prime location to enjoy night-life at Singapore and have an evening boat cruise. In the evening when Singapore is all lit-up, the best way to enjoy is by taking a boat cruise, it is a joy ride which will also give you a full guided tour, giving information about many important places here. The beauty of Singapore appears to be at next-level when you see it enjoying a boat ride. Apart from a relaxed evening, it will give you memories of a lifetime. After enjoying your river-cruise, you can go to any of the restaurants, set aside of the river front and enjoy dinner with a great view, or you can see various street performances taking place and enjoy the night-life of Singapore.
     This is all we had to share about 5 Days Itinerary for Singapore. In our view, this is the best international destination for any kind of traveler:- solo, female, family, friends or newly married couples.
    We really hope that whatever we shared on the basis of our personal experiences when we visited Singapore, will be useful for you whenever you will plan a trip to this beautiful country.
     Friends we further want to say that, travelling is the best way you can rejuvenate yourself and experience new things in life. So, take a break from your routine schedule whenever you can and experience what the World has to offer you. If you really liked our post please subscribe our website and also we would love to hear a word from you..
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