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Let's start this blog by enchanting the divine words "Jai Mata Di". Everyone visitng, Mata vaishno devi temple, repeatedly keeps on enchanting these divine words. Mata Vaishno devi temple is present on the mighty Trikuta mountains in Katra , located in the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Goddess Vaishnavi is commonly called as "Matarani" or "Maa", this is not just because of respect or devotion towards the Goddess but this is due to the fact that, when you will yourself visit the place, you will feel that you have came to visit and meet your mother and she welcomes all her children with open arms. It is strongly believed that no one can come here without Mata's wish. 
In punjabi language, there is an old saying- "Mata chithiyan  pandiye", which means Mata sends invitation to her chosen ones to visit her place. Visiting Mata Vaishno Devi temple is not just a pilgrimage or a journey, It is a divine experience which one can feel only after visiting there. No words can describe the feeling which one will experience there.   As most of you would be knowing the story of mata vaishno devi temple, during treta yug there was a mata devotee Pandit Shridhar, who organised bhandara at his house, at the command of divine power. He had no resources to procure groceries for the public feast. He prayed to Goddess Vaishnavi to help him in the difficult situation so that no one goes unsatisfied without having food at the bhandara. On the humble request of devotee, Mata appeared in the hut of Pandit Shridhar and helped him to organise the feast for all villagers and brahmins coming in the bhandara.  One of the guest who came there was Bhairon Nath, who demanded an animal meal and alcohol. Mata Vaishno Devi got angry and refused to provide the animal meal to him, he felt insulted on this and tried to catch hold of the Goddess. But the Goddess vaishnavi escaped from there and reached the trikuta mountain where she spent 9 months in a cave (Garbhjoon) which is now known as "Adhkuwari". When Bhairon Nath reached there to catch Vaishnavi then Matarani fought with him in Mahakali avatar and finally ended his life span. The place where Mata Vaishnavi ended the life of Bhairon Nath is presently known as "Bhawan" or the "Holy cave". It is also said that after his death , Bhairo Nath realised his mistake and asked for forgiveness from Matarani. On his humble request, Mata gave salvation to him and also blessed him with a boon that every person visiting Mata Vaishno Devi temple will also visits Bhairon Nath temple which will be located  near to bhavan (2kms approx). If we think about it, we will realise that Matarani nurtures each and every child like a mother. She helps her children who are in trouble (like she helped Pandit Shridhar), she punishes those who indulge in wrong or inhuman activities (like she punished Bhairo Nath),  and also forgives the child who realises his mistake and ask for salvation.

To visit this divine destination one has to first reach Katra, located in union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The nearest railway station is Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Katra railway station. The nearest airport is Jammu Tawi, which is 47 km approx from the pilgrimage. Katra is very well connected by railway network from some major cities. Infact, Katra railway station is one of the most clean, beautiful and modern railway stations of India, which has almost all the facilities and traits, that an ideal station should have. Besides, buses also run on frequent intervals from New Delhi to Katra.

Since roads are also in good condition, so taking your own car or taxi is also a good idea. it would would be definitely on a costlier side but the picturesque views that you will experience during the journey is worth every penny that you spend.

If you wish to take a taxi from jammu, then you will easily get one, from the prepaid counter located just outside Jammu railway station, which is very reliable safe and effective too.

If you wish to explore any nearby hill station then you can take a prepaid taxi from jammu and visit Patnitop where you will experience snow from December uptill April every year. After paying a half day visit to Patnitop, you can reach Katra by evening. This is exactly what we did during our visit, we got down at Jammu Tawi railway station, from there we booked prepaid taxi for a day that took us to Patnitop, we experienced mesmerizing snowfall, got a cable car ride to reach a beautiful view point and enjoyed various snow adventure activities and after that we reached Katra by night, where our hotel was already booked, we rested there for night and started our journey to climb the mighty mountains to reach the Bhavan in the morning.


One thing we will definitely recommend, is that while starting your journey from Katra to reach Mata Vaishno Devi temple, keep the minimum required luggage with you, keep rest of your luggage in your hotel's cloakroom but don't forget to keep some woollens with you because the nights may get very cold at the top.

Track to the Holy Gufa-
There are two paths to track till the holy cave, the older track is slightly more steeper than the new one, which is prominently known as "Hathimatha". Earlier, there was more congestion on older track due to the frequent movement of peoples, ponies and palkies, inorder to overcome this problem, a new track was developed by the shrine board, which is slightly more far in terms of kilometers to be covered but is free from all the hustle and bustle of older track. Talking about the distance, the older track takes about 14kms to reach the Bhavan, While  the new track takes 17kms for the same. But since the prominent places like Charan Paduka falls in place of older track, besides, there are lot more shops and restaurants, which we wanted to experience that's why we chose the older track. 

There are many ways to complete the track, the obvious one is to track by foot, which is also the best option but for those who cannot walk so long on a track can definitely opt for a pony, for elderly people taking a palki is also an option, now-a-days helicopter facility has also been made available. the helicopter services base is katra and drops at sanjhichat (to and fro services are available). for this one has to make an advance booking on the website of mata vaishno devi shrine board "" direct link of which is "".


One way fare from  Katra to Sanjichhat or Sanjhichat to Katra is Rs.1045 per person and fare for Katra-Sanjichhat-katra is Rs.2090 per passenger, so there are all sorts of services which you can avail, if you are not in ease to climb uphill on foot.

Remarkable places to visit on track-
The track starts from Darshini Darwaza (it is said that at this point Mata met Pandit Shridhar), Where the yatra parchi checked. "Yatra Parchi" is essential for every visitor which can be taken free of cost from one of the many counters in Katra, one of which is located near Katra bus stand, for those coming by train, one counter is available at the railway station as well. One of the easiest way is to take online yatra parchi from the Mata Vaishno Devi shrine board website, where you have to create a user of yours by filling simple details and then entering the yatra date. this would help you to avoid standing in queues at the yatra parchi counters. Now coming back to yatra, once your yatra parchi is checked by the officials at the darshini darwaza then you can proceed for the yatra track.  
Now as you proceed, the first remarkable. that comes in your way is a small rivulet known as  "Ban- Ganga". It is believed that during Mata's stay in the cave, Shri Hanuman ji guarded the entrance of the cave, once he felt thirsty and asked for water from Matarani, on the request of Hanuman ji, Mata Vaishnavi shot an arrow on the surface from where the river appeared, it is said that this river is Ganga and as the river arrived from the shot of an arrow (ban), so it was named as Ban-Ganga. It is believed that the yatra should start after taking a dip in the holy water. After proceeding from here the next place which arrive on the way is "Charan Paduka mandir". As the name suggest Charan Paduka means the "footprint", this is the place where footprints of Matarani are engroved on a rock. It is believed that after  escaping from Pandit Shridhar 's place, Mata reached this place, stopped for a while and looked back to ensure that Bhairon Nath was not coming after her. Due to this , her foot marks got appeared on this place. So it is very holy place and a must visit. Going further, you would see a number of souvenier shops, massage centres, restaurants, juice centres, photograph points, etc, on both sides of the track. We would suggest you to go slow, enjoy the beauty of this place, whenever you feel tired take a break, have some juice or lime water or just enjoy the picturesque views of the valley and then again start with the track. there are a number of benches to take rest, the washroom facilities are also very well taken care of, drinking water is also available at various points. So Mata Vaishno Devi shrine board has taken care of all the required facilities enroute.

Further, you will reach the most prominent place "Adhkuwari", which also marks halfway of the track, nearly  6kms from starting point. This is the place where Matarani stayed and meditated inside the holy cave known as "Garbhjoon" for long  nine months, before she ended life span of Bhairon Nath.The holy cave is also known as Garbhjoon because the cave is in the shape of "womb" of the mother where she stayed for long 9 months (exactly the period, the child resides in the mother's womb). It is said that any person who passes from this gufa (garbhjoon) gets rid of all the sins and his soul becomes pious again. If you are availing helicopter facility then you will be dropped at yet another important place known as "Sanjhichat", which is a small plateau located nearly 2 kilometres from Bhavan. From there you can take a pony or walk for 2 kilometres to reach the main Bhavan.
Now after crossing all these major landmarks, yatris finally reach the "Bhawan", which enhouses the holy gufa. this is the place where goddess came to her divine form, and ended the life of Bhairo Nath by detaching his head from the body with her sword. Here the yatris get darshan of Matarani in pindi form. The holy pindis, represent mata in her three forms i.e. Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswati. It is strongly believed that anyone who visit the Mata Vaishno Devi temple and pray wholeheartedly gets everything wished by him.

The divine experience that you will get here takes you to some other world and your soul gets filled with devotion and satisfaction.The pilgrimage of Mata Vaishno Devi is said to be incomplete without visiting Bhairo Nath temple. Bhairo Nath temple is located at a distance of 2 kms approx from Bhawan and this is actually the place where the head of Bhairo Nath was dropped when it got detached from the body by the sword of Matarani. As discussed earlier, Mata had herself gave this boon to Bhairo Nath that every devotee of Goddess has to visit his temple. This is actually an example that Matarani forgives even the most sinful people, if they feel guilty about their wrongdoings and ask for forgiveness with a clean heart. the track towards the Bhairon Nath temple is steep so you can hire a pony if you feel it difficult to walk uphill, nowadays, cable car service has also been started from Bhawan to Bhairo Nath temple.  Mata Vaishno Devi shrine board has actually done a commendable job in providing good facilities to all the yatris like cable car service from Bhawan to Bhairo Nath temple, taxi facility from Adhkuwari to Bhawan, food, water, washroom facilities, benches and sheds everywhere, a number of hotels with rooms and dormitories, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, and lot more facilities to ease the journey of yatris. 

We have tried to explain each and every aspect related to Mata Vaishno Devi yatra. We hope that it would help you whenever you plan your first journey to Mata Vaishno Devi temple. We genuinely felt the divinity of the place and anyone visiting there will feel the same. for any other queries please mail us at May (Goddess) Matarani bless you all with health, wealth and happiness. Thanks alot for reading.

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Top 10 things to do in Dubai

Top 10 things to do in Dubai

Dubai- One of the most famous International travel destination, also known as the city of Gold, Dubai offers everything that makes it a perfect travel choice for people of all age groups. Dubai realizes every child’s dream to experience the most amazing amusement and waterparks, some of which are a combination of both fun and knowledge; Dubai is also a shopaholic’s paradise, whether it is luxury shopping or budget shopping, Dubai never disappoints; even our parents feel immense happiness to shop the pure gold for near and dear ones; adventure lovers feel the thrill and adrenaline rush while experiencing desert safari, as well as fast and thrilling roller coaster rides in some of the major adventure parks;  travelers and explorers get amazed while looking at the monstrous buildings and artifacts.
Its hard to compare the real estate development at Dubai with any other part of the World. They can imagine, create and construct anything and everything possible or impossible. Be it the tallest building in the World- Burj Khalifa, or magically creating Palm Island on the sea. They believe to be “Number one or only one”.
Dubai has a good number of attractions to offer to travelers or tourists of every age group. Here we are summarizing top 10 things you must experience when in Dubai:- 
1     . Burj Khalifa & Dubai Mall
2     . Desert Safari
3     . Gold souk, spice souk n textile souk
4     . Global Village
5     . Miracle Garden
6     . Dubai Frame
7     . Atlantis aquaventure water park
8     . Luxury yacht ride
9     . Sky-dive Dubai 
       . Ski-Dubai & Mall of Emirates

Burj Khalifa & Dubai Mall
Burj Khalifa, the most iconic and tallest building in the entire World, is a must visit for everyone coming to Dubai. It’s quite fascinating to know about the construction process of this gigantic structure. As per the written literature inside the Burj Khalifa itself, we came to know that it is really an engineering marvel, it took just 6 years to construct this humongous structure, it was done by 12000 dedicated workers which took 22 million man-hours. Burj Khalifa after six years of hard work was finally opened for public on 4th January 2010, what an accomplishment that was. Believe it or not it’s a 160 storey building; no other building comes even close to this huge engineering wonder.You can visit the 124th & 125th floor or you can get an enhanced experience by being “At the Top” on 148th floor, quite obviously, there is a price difference between the two. There is also a concept of prime and non-prime time visits, the ticket prices vary accordingly. Prime time is the one when you will experience the sunset, which seems to be very beautiful from such an astonishing height.
Whether you are going on prime time or non-prime time, this super- structure will not miss the chance to impress you with its greatness. The view of the city from such a great height is spectacular. You will be awestruck to experience the 3rd fastest elevator in the World, which takes just a minute’s time to shoot up to 125th floor. Everything about this place is magical, and you would suddenly realize how tiny you are amongst this larger than life structure. We would suggest you to visit during the morning or sunset time, it will be the most beautiful time to experience the picturesque view of the city. If you opt for morning slot you will be offered light breakfast also. Experiencing the sunrise or sunset from the top is a breathtaking experience.   
Now, after so much insight about this magnificent structure, you must be keen to know, how to get there. Burj Khalifa is located in Dubai downtown and is very well connected through the redline route of Dubai Metro, you can get down on Burj Khalifa/ Dubai Mall metro station, than you can take a cab for Dubai mall or bus no. F13 to get down on Dubai Mall, or you can also walk through the underpass and reach the destined place. It’s better to pre-book your tickets online, so as to get time-slot as per your choice. There is no time limit prescribed after you reach there, and one can easily spend 2-3 hrs relaxing, admiring the beautiful view of the city or clicking some of the most scenic and beautiful pictures ever.
Since, the entry of Burj Khalifa is from Dubai Mall itself, so how can you miss exploring this huge mall with more than 3500 shops covering almost all the major brands. If you are a shopaholic and believe in luxury shopping then Dubai Mall is the place to be in. You can get some great deals if you are visiting during the Dubai Shopping Festival, which generally starts in November and lasts upto February every year. Besides shopping, Dubai mall has a bunch of many cool activities to offer. You can grab a quick bite at any one of the many restaurants or food courts at the mall. We definitely recommend you to try out Lebanese and Japanese food at the especially crafted food joints, which will not only impress you with the authentic and delicious cuisines but also mesmerize you with the amazing interiors and hospitality. Besides you can meet amazing water creatures in the aquarium and underwater zoo inside the mall itself. You can even get an opportunity to swim underwater and feed the water inhabitants. Dubai mall is also house to an amazing waterfall which is also known as the human waterfalls, which is a must visit at the mall, you could click some lovely pictures with the waterfalls. The latest attraction in the mall is the VR park i.e. Virtual Reality park, which is the first ever ultimate virtual reality and augmented reality attraction in Dubai.

The most interesting and mesmerizing experience which you can’t even dare to miss is the Dubai fountains. This is a free attraction that occurs every evening back to back after every half an hour. This fountain show is a choreographed show which resembles the Bellagio Fountain show, Las Vegas. 
This is not all, there is much more to experience in Dubai Mall, so according to us this holds the first place and it should be in your to do list when you visit Dubai.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari is undoubtedly the most loved adventure activity in Dubai. Actually it is the only natural attraction of this place, all the other activities you do or places you visit are mostly man-made, but the desert defines the natural beauty of Dubai. This activity is rustic, still it seems to be the most exciting and admired experience of Dubai. The main reason behind this might be due to the fact that it is a mirror of Emirati culture, their love for the desert, the old Dubai charm and moreover their passion for converting a barren desert in their cultural playground. This also showcases their attitude towards life, that they can do everything in a place where nothing seems to be possible. It is not merely an activity of dune bashing that drives everyone towards that place; it is actually an art of living that these people teach us.

You can indulge in a number of interesting and adventurous activities like dune bashing, Quad biking, sand boarding, camel riding, heena art, trying Emirati costume and much more. You can click the most beautiful shots during the sunset, standing on a sand dune, or can take adventure to next level by bumping your quad bike on one dune or other, or just have a relaxing camel ride with a sunset view.
If that’s not enough, than this is for you, they serve you piping hot sumptuous dinner buffet with both veg and non-veg options accompanied by various performances like Belly dance, Tanura dance, fire show and much more. All this make your evening a memorable experience for a lifetime. 

Gold souk, Spice souk & Textile souk
If you want to explore the real Dubai, if you are interested to experience the Emirati culture, then you have to visit the souks which are located in old Dubai or the Diera Dubai. You will be astonished to see the amount of gold and the various ornaments made of gold on your visit to the gold souk, you will be surprised to see the dresses made of gold. On one hand, you can witness the largest gold brick, and on the other hand, the charm of world’s largest ring weighing 64Kgs will leave you spellbound. Besides, for females and gold lovers, this place is nothing less than a paradise. While walking, you could also explore the spice souk and textile souk.
You can see and purchase some rarest spices from spice souk. Don’t forget to purchase saffron from there. Besides, textile souk has to offer different varieties of dress materials. There are also various eating joints in this place, so whenever you feel a bit hungry, take a quick bite and again start exploring. Besides gold, spices and textiles, you can look for a variety of other things like fancy items, chocolates, dates, dry-fruits, shoes, handbags, cosmetics, etc. There are lots of colors, smells and hustle- bustle in this market, but believe us you will admire and enjoy every bit of it.
One of the interesting ways to reach this place is to take an Abra ride, which is actually a 1 Dirham boat ride, which runs in Dubai creek and connect Bur Dubai and Diera areas of Dubai. It is not only the fastest way but also the most wonderful and scenic way to reach there. After knowing all this, we are sure that this place will be definitely in your bucket list too when you visit Dubai.

Global Village
 Global village, as the name suggest is a global event that takes place during the Dubai shopping festival every year. This seasonal amusement park cum Entertainment Park cum exhibition is a great package in all. It actually showcases the culture, food, handicrafts, merchandise and entertainment activities of various countries around the World. More than 25 countries participate in this global festival, and showcase whatever they have in their pavilion concerned. 

You can expect anything and everything here, for example you can click pictures with the Wonders of World, which are displayed this year at the Global village, besides exploring the food, culture, clothes and other activities at different pavilions. Kids will thoroughly enjoy the different rides at the kids area built there, while the adults will be thrilled by the monstrous rides there.
Different pavilions have different specialties like you can shop for woollens specially Pashmina shawls and beautiful Punjabi dresses at India’s pavilion, and Yeah don’t miss the authentic Indian chaat there. You will simply love the Turkish pavilion, the inner child in you will smile at the activities of Turkish ice-cream vendors, the ice-cream is yummy and the ice cream vendor’s activities are quite funny. You can also enjoy the delicious Turkish delights specially Baklava, which you must try. If you like leather jackets or handbags, than Pakistan’s pavilion is the place you should not miss. You will find beautiful party dresses in the American pavilion, which girls can’t miss. If you are looking for beauty products, than you have to visit the Korean pavilion. For other fancy items or electronic items China’s pavilion is the best, you can also buy handbags and luggage at a good price from here.

You can try nutella waffle or watch the chocolate fountain (but mind it you can just watch it, can’t have it J) at the Thailand’s pavilion. You can also grab a quick snack from floating market created here, which is inspired from the floating market at Thailand.
Besides, that you can also see a variety of shows in various pavilions, you can even witness fireworks show every Thursday and Friday night.
Thus, you must visit this place for a great experience, giving you an insight of so many countries participating in this global event. For reaching here you can take a cab to reach Global village, since there is no direct metro to this place. Alternatively, you can take 103 bus service from Union square bus station or 104 bus service from Al Ghubaiba bus station or 106 bus service from Mall of Emirates. Thus, you can reach there by both public and private transport.  Global village timings start from 4:00 PM till midnight, so make sure to reach well in time so that you can cover maximum pavilions.

Miracle Garden
Miracle garden is the most beautiful and photogenic garden we have ever seen. It actually claims to be the World’s largest natural flower garden. Every corner of it is worth photography. You can fill your instagram profile with photos from miracle garden. This garden opens in mid- November to closes in mid- May every year. 

At miracle garden, both beauty and creativity appears to be at their peak. The garden is full of beautiful colors and scents of different flowers. We were surprised to see how that garden was creatively put together with different props and flowers & how well-maintained it was. You can spot teddy, penguins, micky, goofy and various other popular characters and animals all covered with flowers. Above all, the height of creativity is that there is a real Emirates plane totally covered with flowers.

These people do understand that a photogenic place requires good seating arrangement also, so in order to fulfill this requirement they have organized beautiful seating places and swings at every corner so as to take pictures in the most comfortable set-up and be as imaginative as you can.

Besides enjoying the beauty of the place, children also get to learn about a variety of flowers. If you have less time and find it difficult to walk through the whole place than you can hire a battery driven vehicle available there, which will give you a tour of the whole garden in a very nominal price. Thus, this is definitely a place to visit especially with your family.

Dubai Frame

Dubai frame is again a major landmark created in the Dubai mainland. It is created in the shape of a huge Golden Frame in Zabeel park. Being in the city centre it’s quite easily reachable, near to ADCB metro station from where you can take a cab and reach Zabeel park. You can take tickets from there only or you can pre-book it online. The view from the top is amazing, on one side you can get a view of old Dubai and from other side you can have a look of New Dubai. The New Dubai consists of huge, larger than life buildings including the tallest one Burj Khalifa. The old Dubai consists of small white color buildings situated on the other side of Dubai creek. At the top you can also experience to walk over a very cool glass floor or the sky walk. Besides, you can stroll around the Zabeel park, which is also a beautifully maintained garden.

Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

If you love enjoying water-slides, if you like the thrill of water-surfing, if you go crazy in water or want to relax in lazy river, then Atlantis aquaventure waterpark is the must go place for you. Located in the man-made Palm Island, the huge Atlantis hotel is always ready to welcome, serve and surprise its guests and visitors. Apart from enjoying the water activities, you can feel the magic of water creatures at the lost chambers and if you can shed some more money or you want to comfort yourself in absolute luxury than you can book your room for a day or two and enjoy everything what this beautiful hotel has to offer. It may not be false to comment that this might be one of the most instagrammable hotels in the entire World.
 There are number of rides in the water-park which will make you go crazy. The rides like the shark attack, the stinger, the leap of faith, Aquaconda, Zoomerango, etc are some of the most famous rides. Our personal favourite was the shark attack, in which the ride eventually leads you to a glass tunnel, in which you can experience sharks and sting rays moving so close to you. If you are coming with a group or family than you will definitely enjoy likes aquaconda and zoomerango. For all those lazy people who just want to relax and chill, the lazy river serves the purpose, besides soaking in the sun and relaxing you will also experience some light adventure when rapids hit in between at some points. For all those who want to learn water surfing, then you can definitely go for a beginners course here at the water surfing activity available here. If that’s not enough, then you have the option to hit the beautiful beach located at just a 2 minutes walking distance from the rides, you will definitely enjoy the calmness, the beautiful view and the crystal clear water.
After enjoying the water activities, you can now head towards the lost chambers where you will get amazed to see the magic of water creatures. This is undoubtedly one of the most impressive aquarium, we have ever seen, in fact it is the largest in Middle East and Africa. It is home to nearly 65000 marine creatures including sharks, sting rays, eels, lobsters, seahorses and various other fish species. 
Besides all this you can definitely explore the hotel, which is undoubtedly beautiful and luxurious. You can shop at the branded stores or can also dine at the fine dining restaurant of the hotel or as mentioned earlier you can also book a room to experience luxury at its best.

Luxury Yacht ride
Now the experience we are talking about is definitely our personal favourite. We enjoyed every bit of it. The blue water, the cool breeze, the larger than life buildings, the yachts and boats floating nearby, the view of Palm Island, Jumeirah beach, Atlantis hotel, Burj Al Arab and much more, make this experience the most memorable one. You can’t remove your hands off your camera; you will keep clicking and clicking various beautiful pictures. You can fill your instagram account with hundreds and hundreds pictures of this view. Besides pictures, just relaxing and enjoying the views and the cool breeze will rejuvenate your mind and soul. All this takes the complete trip to next level.
If you are thinking that why we placed this activity on 8th slot, the reason is this activity will mostly be opted by people who want to spend a bit more for the shear experience and it will take the budget of your trip to a step higher, since the cost of this activity depends upon the size of your yacht. Bigger the yacht, more the money you have to spend on it. You can opt for morning, afternoon, evening or dinner cruise.

The charges also depend upon the cruise timings, afternoon and dinner cruise are slightly more expensive then the morning and evening cruise, since you will be served lunch and dinner during these timings. But we will highly recommend the morning cruise since during this cruise you will get the most amazing views, weather will be less hot and it will also cost you slightly lesser. So, if you can shed more money then you should definitely try out the luxury yacht cruise.

Sky-dive Dubai
Dubai has everything to offer, anyone can enjoy here in any budget. If you want to experience the epitome of adventure and, budget is not an issue for you, then definitely go for this activity. It will undoubtedly become a lifetime memory for you. Jumping from the chopper from such a height and feeling like a free bird in the open sky is simply a next level thing. You can’t even imagine what view you will get when you will be hanging in the air tied with a parachute. There are basically 2 dropzones in Dubai, one is in the midst of desert and the other one is the Palm dropzone. The prices actually depend upon which dropzone you have opted. The Palm dropzone, being the most beautiful and scenic and picture perfect, is obviously more expensive one and the price difference goes to 8K-10K between the two. But if you are investing such huge amount on this particular activity then we will definitely recommend to shed some more amount and go for the best. You should book in advance from their official website and choose the suitable date and time-slot, also read the terms and conditions very carefully before booking and also meticulously go through the age, health and weight criterias prescribed, so as to avoid any hustle and bustle afterwards, because for sure safety is their priority and they strictly adhere to all the terms and conditions. If you have any health issues or are even minutely unfit then try to avoid, since no experience is more important than your own health and life.

Ski Dubai & Mall of Emirates:-
Last but not the least, the activity that we are talking about is a fun activity suitable for all age groups. Specially for those who are interested in getting a beginners course in Skiing or want to experience the snow in a desert. Ski Dubai is an indoor ski resort maintain the temperature of -1 degree and is situated in the Mall of Emirates. It is huge ski park having total area of 22500 Sq. Metres. Yes definitely, Dubai people can do anything, they can bring Switzerland to a barren desert as well. You can even have a hand shake with cute little penguins, all the way from Alaska to Dubai. 
Besides, you can try out various rides and snow activities, the most interesting among them is the Chair lift which will take you to a commendable height and will give you a great view of the whole Ski world. All those adventure lovers can try out the Zip-lining kind of activity which brings the person very speedily down from the great height. Zorbing is another activity you can enjoy there. Another fun activity is snow-boarding which person of every age group will definitely enjoy. If you are accompanied with your friends, then definitely bump your car on the snow car bumping activity. Besides this you will get chance to explore the beautiful Mall of Emirates and shop around if you are interested in luxury shopping.
As per our experience, we have shared our top 10 things to do in Dubai, hope you will like it and will help you while planning your trip to Dubai. All these activities can be covered in a 6 Nights and 7 Days trip to Dubai, if planned well. Definitely the key to manage everything in a budget is to plan and book in advance.
To know anything else related to Dubai trip booking, please send your queries at We will happy to answer.
Thanks for sparing out your valuable time and reading about our true travel experiences. Stay connected, more on Dubai is yet to come.